Strawberry Singh

Why did I never check out before?

Beautiful snapshots, loads of info, very helpful tricks to make the viewer look better, and despite of the huge amounts of info on the front page, easy to find what you’re looking for. Great website!

Strawberry Singh, you’re part of my links now. 😉


Treehouse for petites? Well… petite…

So far it’s 20m high and I’ve only just begun… a preview of my new soon-to-finish-or-not treehouse!

Dunno about the wood textures yet… And this is just me being cute all over:

ps, within 10 minutes I drove the Camaro – in my previous post – off-world and it vanished into thin air. Never got it back so I was happy to have a copy. And I rapidly built a fence around my building platform to prevent further driving off the grid due to beer in mah belly. Of course, I don’t drink and drive in REAL world. :p

Aki Corset and Bibi Bandana for PETITES

They just arrived and are now UP on marketplace and in the main store!

The Bibi Bandana is ONLY 10L$! Click on the pic below to check it out.
Sculpted with precision, a fancy fur texture and just sexay! Not rigged nor mesh!

The Aki LiquoriceLace corset is 49L$ and a VERY special version of the normal sized corset, again – click on the pic below to check it out @ MP!
A word of thanks to the great clothing layers from Yabusaka Loon!

Find the corresponding petite avatars here (Yabusaka) and here (Fallen Gods Inc.)

Corsets Reira & Aki – Marketplace!

Yaaay 😀

They’re online! Check them out here, they’re all 199L$ each and a demo is available HERE for all models.

Aki: Rosato Platinum Liquor Lavandula Aurum

Reira: White Red Purple Blue Brown LiquoriceLace Black

Salebox piccie? Ofcourse we have a salebox piccie!


Skin+Shape: Nan by TokyoGirl
Hair: 99 Elephants
Eyelashes: Gaeline
String: Moloko
Stockings: Linc
Nails: Sexy Mamas
Tattoo: Para Designs

Currently working on:

My own genuine Human Mesh avatar “Juno”

I admit, that girl on the pic is not me (It’s Reira) and it has been edited in P-shopped. However,  that is a MESH body! 100% mine, rigged, blended for hours and now in beta state. 100% compatible with existing clothing TEXTURES. The skin above is my own design, thanks to the wonderful templates from ‘Another’ Eloh. So it’s fully compatible with the Mesh body.

Will come with a HUD for easy dressing (and undressing *grin*) separate faces of the body. (Currently 3: head/upper/lower, will be more, think about feet, legs, arms, eyes, nails, etc.) LOADS of possible ways to dress yourself faster than now possible – thanks to an innovative texture system which will allow you to add your own FULL PERM skins/clothing AS WELL! It has 3 full body meshies at the moment, maybe more for the clothing. At least 1 for the custom skins. Might add more mesh layers in a future version and I’ve been testing for a few days now and the HUD changes the textures FAST. And when I say fast, I mean fast. I will soon take some more pics from myself and will probably even do a video.

I dare to say that this Mesh is going to be a very competitive Body Mesh for the LLAB Mesh.

Demo soon available.

To be continued.

Stylish 04

Okay, she convinced me. 🙂

I finally decided to get this outfit, and this one was for free as well. The AO wasn’t tho so I had to buy that. And the hair is of course, a different brand. And now? I totally love it. Made my own bubble talker for it (blows bubbles when I type/talk) and it actually looks awesome!

Style card below, piccie first!

Click for a bigger piccie :D

Style card:

  • Outfit: LIS Promo Package ‘Merfolk’-easel by Ethereal Faerye
    (Shine layers, Fins, shirt, socks and pants) and was FREE!!!!
  • AO: KH Mermaid AO2-Dramatic Sea- by Sala Snook
  • Eyes: Wasabi Pills (sorry, I love ‘m and they were free once) by MissAllSunday Lemon
  • Hair: Truth Mandy silver – Truth Hawks
  • Make-up: Kyoot Feline (Oceania) by Saeya Nyanda
  • Eyelashes: Dutch Touch CleO by Iki Ikarus
  • Skin: Curio GP Bean Dark June Raccoon 1 by Gala Phoenix
  • Additional Breast Enhancer: Linc – Lucky Inc. by CK Winx
  • Lip piercing: LG Bleeder by Fatal Raine
  • Shape and Eyebrows: [Bo.O] Designs by MOI!

Search for the names and you normally find the shop as well. 😉

Stylish 001

Ok, I’m gonna kick off seriously now. Because people are interested apparently in what people like me have in their inventory on Second Life.

So, lets give them a very original title and start! Style card below with stores and items.

Bo in style. Part 001.

Style card:

Skin and neck shadow: moJo aLba cocoa 23
Hair: Dura-Boy 05 Light Blonde
Make-up Layer: Kyoot Feline Oceania
Belt: Blitzed Plugged Belt
Eyes: The Body Politik Beautiful Blue Eyes
Nose piercing: Hermony Circular Barbell Septum Ring with dropshadow
REST: [Bo.O] Designs;
Boots Osaka 2069 (new), Pants Tokiwa Nishiki, Tanktop Nawtee Teal, Nipcovers Feltpen Marker, Bellybutton piercing/earring set Bo, Right ear/Eyebrow piercing (no name yet), Shape/Eyebrowshape (Myself), Pose Modelpose 22 (new).

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