Some of you might already know but if you didn’t;
Better like me on facebook. I will post more updates there than I do here. In fact, this is the last post I do here.


Hope to see you there! This wordpress account is pretty much useless now and is only useful as reference of what I did in the past.




Mini Halter Dress MESH

New release:

Only 99L$!



Nawtees in-world on SALE

All Nawtees in-world are now on sale – ONLY IN-WORLD, not the marketplace.

Each color: 10L, 10color pack: 99L

Also the Tokiwa Nishiki pants in the shop are only 10L from now on.

Strawberry Singh

Why did I never check out StrawberrySingh.com before?

Beautiful snapshots, loads of info, very helpful tricks to make the viewer look better, and despite of the huge amounts of info on the front page, easy to find what you’re looking for. Great website!

Strawberry Singh, you’re part of my links now. 😉

Nice blog for the Avatar 2.0 beta fans! (like me)

Check out MARCIA!

Some great outfits there! ❤

Edit: Or choose for none outfit.

Reiko Beta v4

No long story this time. Are you 18+? THEN CLICK! If not, DON’T dare to click it kiddo!!!

I’m making progress… 😉

Reiko Beta


This time I didn’t edit the collada in Blender at all and here is the result:

BUT! I also found this small problem:

I think this is caused by MH; these are at least 2 faces that both have the same texture. :/ Can only be edited with Blender anyway. Still need to figure out how.

We’re in beta, we’re in beta 😀