Mini Halter Dress MESH

New release:

Only 99L$!




I’m driving in your car, you turn on the radio…

Legendary lyrics by The Pointer Sisters.

Except for the song, I stole your Camaro, resized it until I was able to reach the pedals, turned on the stereo and THIS blasted out of the speakers.

Behind the wheel

Sexay huh!?

Btw, I added 7 new items to my evergrowing Petites collection: 4 more colors Aki Corset and I added 3 Petite versions of my most sold speakers! Best thing you can do now is just check this link HERE or whenever you land on my marketplace; SORT by Most Recent On Top. And I’m working on much more as you see on the piccies above, except the hair, my whole outfit is MINE. Tanktop, Jeans, Sneakers, Belt and even the SKIN. And this is only 1 variant… :p

❤ Bo.

Aki Corset and Bibi Bandana for PETITES

They just arrived and are now UP on marketplace and in the main store!

The Bibi Bandana is ONLY 10L$! Click on the pic below to check it out.
Sculpted with precision, a fancy fur texture and just sexay! Not rigged nor mesh!

The Aki LiquoriceLace corset is 49L$ and a VERY special version of the normal sized corset, again – click on the pic below to check it out @ MP!
A word of thanks to the great clothing layers from Yabusaka Loon!

Find the corresponding petite avatars here (Yabusaka) and here (Fallen Gods Inc.)

Corsets Reira & Aki – Marketplace!

Yaaay 😀

They’re online! Check them out here, they’re all 199L$ each and a demo is available HERE for all models.

Aki: Rosato Platinum Liquor Lavandula Aurum

Reira: White Red Purple Blue Brown LiquoriceLace Black

Salebox piccie? Ofcourse we have a salebox piccie!


Skin+Shape: Nan by TokyoGirl
Hair: 99 Elephants
Eyelashes: Gaeline
String: Moloko
Stockings: Linc
Nails: Sexy Mamas
Tattoo: Para Designs

Rigged Mesh Corsets!!!

First models are NOW in the main store, MORE to follow! And they have the best fit I’ve ever seen! Check them out if you’re around, demo is available.

PS, I sent a free color to my group. So, you missed it if you were not part of it… unless you’re quick enough to join… 😉

A-Z Residential Structures

I just released the first 4 new homes and are available in the main store for a promo price of 199L$ each. That will sooner or later be changed into the normal price of 999L$ each.

Aztec, Barcelona, Cheops and Dublin are all made with the same textures but have different shapes in the form of a Roman letter. And more to come!
They all come with 2 toilets installed (plus animation), chimney/fire (can be touched to smoke), housenumber can be set by owner, front door can be opened by owner only, all doors work on touch/collision, all windows can be blinded, sliding doors can be blinded too, glass roof can be opened/closed and all houses fit 1024 sqm parcels.

Items included:

  • A rezzer for the house
  • 2 couches, 2/3 seaters, both with 3 animations
  • chair, 1 animation
  • Rug
  • Barstool, 1 animation
  • Jacuzzi, 2 animations for a couple
  • Futon Bed, 2 animations for a couple
  • And limited to these 4; A Washing Machine KaiKai with animation.

Example for Barcelona, click for bigger size:

Juno Demo ON SALE

Check it out HERE!