Some of you might already know but if you didn’t;
Better like me on facebook. I will post more updates there than I do here. In fact, this is the last post I do here.


Hope to see you there! This wordpress account is pretty much useless now and is only useful as reference of what I did in the past.





XTermin8 just added a 99L$ shape to the shop on the Marketplace, I bought it and it’s simply AWESOME. Fits every skin there is.

Check that shop out – NOW!

Naomi - Shape - only 99L$

And this is just her face!

Reiko Beta v4

No long story this time. Are you 18+? THEN CLICK! If not, DON’T dare to click it kiddo!!!

I’m making progress… 😉

Reiko Beta


This time I didn’t edit the collada in Blender at all and here is the result:

BUT! I also found this small problem:

I think this is caused by MH; these are at least 2 faces that both have the same texture. :/ Can only be edited with Blender anyway. Still need to figure out how.

We’re in beta, we’re in beta 😀

Back Rigging :)

I just found this AWESOME tool for making human mesh bodies. Not gonna tell you which one. Yet. Besides, it’s still open-source and in Alpha.

Small piccie for the pervs. (Nudity doesn’t bother me but I censored it anyway.)

(c) 2012 Bo Orsini

Predator vs J-Rock

Weird title? Not if you see the next pic:


(X3mBozzy dressed up as Predator, dancing a J-Rock dance while the speakers almost blew up club re:noize with powernoise from Russian Toy. So, it’s not a weird combo after all. Is it?)

Oh! I also took a snapshot of me and myself. Dressed up as my little (s)elf and Jinx. Combined them in one pic to show the diff in size. ^_^

Bo petite and Bo Jinx

Bo petite vs Bo Jinx.

The treehouse is progressing well, moved everything in place and will soon post an updated pic. Even made a tiny bed, tub in the shape of a big mug and a fur rug.

A thank you to all who are following my blog btw, thanks for your likes! I really appreciate it! *hugs*

Corsets Reira & Aki – Marketplace!

Yaaay 😀

They’re online! Check them out here, they’re all 199L$ each and a demo is available HERE for all models.

Aki: Rosato Platinum Liquor Lavandula Aurum

Reira: White Red Purple Blue Brown LiquoriceLace Black

Salebox piccie? Ofcourse we have a salebox piccie!


Skin+Shape: Nan by TokyoGirl
Hair: 99 Elephants
Eyelashes: Gaeline
String: Moloko
Stockings: Linc
Nails: Sexy Mamas
Tattoo: Para Designs

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