Collection: Equipment

And here are my popular bouncing animated speakers and other club equipment!

The [Bo.O] Designs speaker 2011/03
Lots of options, click the image to see the full description.

Additional new speaker textures (Transfer only!) for the 03 version available are:

Without new back texture – 50L$ p/texture – comes as ‘drop-in’ notecard, 1 back-up and manual.

With new back texture – 75L$ p/texture – comes as ‘drop-in’ notecard, 1 back-up and manual.

Example upgraded speaker with Hocico texture:

(Please note that I can not give you the textures itself, no matter how much you pay me. These textures are made by me, for my speakers and they will stay that way. I use a drop-in-notecard system to let the speaker read the notecard. Notecards are transfer only and encrypted.)


The [Bo.O] Designs speaker 2011/02
Version 1 (lean back against speaker) and 2 (Headbang against speaker = new anim!)

Version 01 Transfer:

Version 1 Copy available here

Version 02 Copy:

Version 2 Transfer available here

Speaker set 2011/02 Femme & Homme

Only available as set, not separately. Transfer only.

Speaker 2011/01

Also available in 5 separate colors: White/Yellow/Red/Green/Blue for 99L$ each – All transfer only

Flightcases Set of 4 sizes

Speaker 05

Speakerset 04

Speaker 03

Speaker 02

Speaker 01


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