Collection: Clothing

All available clothing, sold by me, on this page! Full outfits and tattoos are HERE.

Shirt Tae Bo

Also available in the colours:
Aqua, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, Yellow for 49L$ each and comes in 3 layers: U/S/J.

A random vendor in the store in-world gives you a random colour shirt for 39L$ and is transfer only.

Boots *Osaka 2069*

Texture colourchange, Led colour change and a demo is available HERE.

Pants Tokiwa Nishiki

Only available in this black one.

Tanktop Nawtee (10 Pack)

Available in 10 options like Yellow:

For more colours, click the 10 Pack picture above.

Wasabi Jeans

Showing is Oil on Blue. Also available inworld:
Blood on Black, Flour on Brown, Multicolour, Oil on Grey, Slime on Red, Splattered on Grey. (Stains on jeans colour)
Also available inworld; a RANDOM vendor! If you don’t care about the colour and want to try your luck, you can buy them for 99L$ and you will receive one random colour!

(I’m aware that these are not available on Marketplace. Because I want opinions and comments about it first from buyers inworld. So far no complaints so I might add them to the marketplace soon.)


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