Mini Halter Dress MESH

New release:

Only 99L$!





XTermin8 just added a 99L$ shape to the shop on the Marketplace, I bought it and it’s simply AWESOME. Fits every skin there is.

Check that shop out – NOW!

Naomi - Shape - only 99L$

And this is just her face!

Predator vs J-Rock

Weird title? Not if you see the next pic:


(X3mBozzy dressed up as Predator, dancing a J-Rock dance while the speakers almost blew up club re:noize with powernoise from Russian Toy. So, it’s not a weird combo after all. Is it?)

Oh! I also took a snapshot of me and myself. Dressed up as my little (s)elf and Jinx. Combined them in one pic to show the diff in size. ^_^

Bo petite and Bo Jinx

Bo petite vs Bo Jinx.

The treehouse is progressing well, moved everything in place and will soon post an updated pic. Even made a tiny bed, tub in the shape of a big mug and a fur rug.

A thank you to all who are following my blog btw, thanks for your likes! I really appreciate it! *hugs*

The exploring Petite Elf in Second Life

Juhuuuu! Kate! Juliette! Mr. Linussssss! I haz found the fooood! Itz hereeeee! 

But, whyyyy are thoze pr0n piccies hanging on thiz wall from youz? :gigglefits:

I haz found the Dharma foodzzz!

Juno Beta – demo preview

This will be the Juno demo mesh body that will be available soon and this is also the last pic from the betagrid, I added eyelashes as well. Things to do; Smooth it a bit more here and there and perhaps the eyes will be a bit wider open. Piccie:

Click to enlarge.

Bikini: SkinFlicks
Bracelet: Miel
Nosepiercing: Hermony
Hair: Dura 03
Eyes: Wasabi Wednesday Black
Skin & Body Mesh: [Bo.O]

Stylish 04

Okay, she convinced me. 🙂

I finally decided to get this outfit, and this one was for free as well. The AO wasn’t tho so I had to buy that. And the hair is of course, a different brand. And now? I totally love it. Made my own bubble talker for it (blows bubbles when I type/talk) and it actually looks awesome!

Style card below, piccie first!

Click for a bigger piccie :D

Style card:

  • Outfit: LIS Promo Package ‘Merfolk’-easel by Ethereal Faerye
    (Shine layers, Fins, shirt, socks and pants) and was FREE!!!!
  • AO: KH Mermaid AO2-Dramatic Sea- by Sala Snook
  • Eyes: Wasabi Pills (sorry, I love ‘m and they were free once) by MissAllSunday Lemon
  • Hair: Truth Mandy silver – Truth Hawks
  • Make-up: Kyoot Feline (Oceania) by Saeya Nyanda
  • Eyelashes: Dutch Touch CleO by Iki Ikarus
  • Skin: Curio GP Bean Dark June Raccoon 1 by Gala Phoenix
  • Additional Breast Enhancer: Linc – Lucky Inc. by CK Winx
  • Lip piercing: LG Bleeder by Fatal Raine
  • Shape and Eyebrows: [Bo.O] Designs by MOI!

Search for the names and you normally find the shop as well. 😉

Alella’s Boutique and new anims!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just become Merchant in a new store called Alella’s Boutique, owned by clairella and Aleylia. One wall is filled with a small collection of my own designs and the rest of the store is now being worked on. Check them out if you’re around and totally into grunge and neko on SL.

New in my mainstore (Sorry, wasn’t able to update all new items lately):

New animations: 3 Jump stands, 1 Run in a circle, 2 drowning. Available as copy only; 25L$ each and full perms; 125L$ each
(See both different vendors.)

New Sculpted texturepack: 12 Different Elements. Can be used as steel elements for old buildings, can be resized, textured as planar and come as full perm pack for builders only (350L$). Included are the sculptmaps and prefabs. Grab a demo first to try out all sculpts before buying! Available inworld in the mainstore ONLY. These packs are not available on the marketplace yet.

And remember people; if you were in my [Bo.O] group, you received a free pool. If you didn’t, you are either not in the group or you have receive notices unticked. :p

Piccie time! (And yes, that is one of my drowning animations. No style card this time, I’m lazy.)