Mini Halter Dress MESH

New release:

Only 99L$!




Reiko Beta v4

No long story this time. Are you 18+? THEN CLICK! If not, DON’T dare to click it kiddo!!!

I’m making progress… 😉

Reiko Beta


This time I didn’t edit the collada in Blender at all and here is the result:

BUT! I also found this small problem:

I think this is caused by MH; these are at least 2 faces that both have the same texture. :/ Can only be edited with Blender anyway. Still need to figure out how.

We’re in beta, we’re in beta 😀

Reiko v3

Update from the beta-grid 🙂

I saved the MH body as Collada .dae using the second life rig. Without eyebrows/lashes. I imported it into Blender, turned off double sided normals, kept THE QUADS and saved it as Collada again using the Save for Second Life option (which is an option in Blender 2.62 nowadays).

I imported the model with all options ticked (weights, bones, etc) but without physics and texture. ‘Generate normals’ UNticked. Costed me 66L$ to upload but that is for free on the beta-grid.

Now, the result is almost perfect, the body still has some flaws (elbows and pelvis) but at least it saved me loads of time copying the bone weights!!! I think I can solve that problem by shaping it anatomically more correct. After all, this is only a test. When I have my final Reiko shape and skin, it will be nearly perfect and ready to upload on the grid.

Will keep you updated.

Mesh Success!

I’ve just successfully uploaded my first Mesh body (Reiko) onto Second Life, which was created with my new tool.

BUT! There is a LOT of tweaking to do. It has its pros and cons.

First of all; The export function is something to investigate more thoroughly by the creators. It can export as collada but it’s somewhat useless because they used an old rig. So yes, you can export as .dae but I recommend to use the newer rig from Machinimatrix to rig your exported body in Blender (ps, I use 2.62).
Secondly; You need to tweak the Armature in Blender as well to make it match your body.
Third; I wonder how the exported body was weighted. It looks pretty okay already but I think I will need to copy the weights again from the Machinimatrix rigged body. However, it would save LOADS of time when the correct weights are exported as well along with the correct second life game rig from the tool.

The huge pro; This tool is AMAZING! It’s SO easy to create a new human Mesh body and is already loaded with options. Texture is exported as well, only need to tweak it in your favorite editor after. For testing inside SL, I recommend saving the texture as 1024×1024 TGA 24bit to get rid of the alpha because that is a NO-GO. Trust me on that. 😀

Which tool it is? MakeHuman!

Check it out my fellow Mesh addicts. 🙂

Btw, I wanted to show you a pic from the first MH body I uploaded in Second Life but my region restarted so you have to wait for that. It looks okay but still needs to be tweaked.

Edit: Whoops, pixelporn :p Only click those thumbs when your click-finger is older than 18. I’m not taking responsibility  for any worried parents who find these pics in your local cache folder. lol


Back Rigging :)

I just found this AWESOME tool for making human mesh bodies. Not gonna tell you which one. Yet. Besides, it’s still open-source and in Alpha.

Small piccie for the pervs. (Nudity doesn’t bother me but I censored it anyway.)

(c) 2012 Bo Orsini

Aki Corset and Bibi Bandana for PETITES

They just arrived and are now UP on marketplace and in the main store!

The Bibi Bandana is ONLY 10L$! Click on the pic below to check it out.
Sculpted with precision, a fancy fur texture and just sexay! Not rigged nor mesh!

The Aki LiquoriceLace corset is 49L$ and a VERY special version of the normal sized corset, again – click on the pic below to check it out @ MP!
A word of thanks to the great clothing layers from Yabusaka Loon!

Find the corresponding petite avatars here (Yabusaka) and here (Fallen Gods Inc.)

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