XTermin8 just added a 99L$ shape to the shop on the Marketplace, I bought it and it’s simply AWESOME. Fits every skin there is.

Check that shop out – NOW!

Naomi - Shape - only 99L$

And this is just her face!


Predator vs J-Rock

Weird title? Not if you see the next pic:


(X3mBozzy dressed up as Predator, dancing a J-Rock dance while the speakers almost blew up club re:noize with powernoise from Russian Toy. So, it’s not a weird combo after all. Is it?)

Oh! I also took a snapshot of me and myself. Dressed up as my little (s)elf and Jinx. Combined them in one pic to show the diff in size. ^_^

Bo petite and Bo Jinx

Bo petite vs Bo Jinx.

The treehouse is progressing well, moved everything in place and will soon post an updated pic. Even made a tiny bed, tub in the shape of a big mug and a fur rug.

A thank you to all who are following my blog btw, thanks for your likes! I really appreciate it! *hugs*

I’m driving in your car, you turn on the radio…

Legendary lyrics by The Pointer Sisters.

Except for the song, I stole your Camaro, resized it until I was able to reach the pedals, turned on the stereo and THIS blasted out of the speakers.

Behind the wheel

Sexay huh!?

Btw, I added 7 new items to my evergrowing Petites collection: 4 more colors Aki Corset and I added 3 Petite versions of my most sold speakers! Best thing you can do now is just check this link HERE or whenever you land on my marketplace; SORT by Most Recent On Top. And I’m working on much more as you see on the piccies above, except the hair, my whole outfit is MINE. Tanktop, Jeans, Sneakers, Belt and even the SKIN. And this is only 1 variant… :p

❤ Bo.

Currently working on:

My own genuine Human Mesh avatar “Juno”

I admit, that girl on the pic is not me (It’s Reira) and it has been edited in P-shopped. However,  that is a MESH body! 100% mine, rigged, blended for hours and now in beta state. 100% compatible with existing clothing TEXTURES. The skin above is my own design, thanks to the wonderful templates from ‘Another’ Eloh. So it’s fully compatible with the Mesh body.

Will come with a HUD for easy dressing (and undressing *grin*) separate faces of the body. (Currently 3: head/upper/lower, will be more, think about feet, legs, arms, eyes, nails, etc.) LOADS of possible ways to dress yourself faster than now possible – thanks to an innovative texture system which will allow you to add your own FULL PERM skins/clothing AS WELL! It has 3 full body meshies at the moment, maybe more for the clothing. At least 1 for the custom skins. Might add more mesh layers in a future version and I’ve been testing for a few days now and the HUD changes the textures FAST. And when I say fast, I mean fast. I will soon take some more pics from myself and will probably even do a video.

I dare to say that this Mesh is going to be a very competitive Body Mesh for the LLAB Mesh.

Demo soon available.

To be continued.

In the spotlights: Ronin!

I just had to upload this pic. The people who dont’ know me personally, don’t know everything yet. 😀

I present you – the guy behind a lot of music which sometimes can be downloaded for free if you know where to start!
Just because it’s Valentine’s day today and the new Sonitus Niger album will be released tomorrow (15th). \o/ You definitely want to check that out here on Moonslave Radio.  Oh and… BUY IT mofos, cuz he’s been doing music for about 20 years now and never earned a dollar with it. Time to change that. And, time for a new category me thinks. Music!

Ah yes, piccie!

Ronin aka Sonitus Niger

In the spotlights: Alena!


She is truly my best friend in Second Life. I love that girl. 🙂 And she recently bought a new skin that fits her perfect. I think it was from Al Vulo. And tell me honestly; Does she look cool? Even a cardboard box outfit fits her shape. It doesn’t matter what she wears, she has ‘it’.


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