Reiko v3

Update from the beta-grid 🙂

I saved the MH body as Collada .dae using the second life rig. Without eyebrows/lashes. I imported it into Blender, turned off double sided normals, kept THE QUADS and saved it as Collada again using the Save for Second Life option (which is an option in Blender 2.62 nowadays).

I imported the model with all options ticked (weights, bones, etc) but without physics and texture. ‘Generate normals’ UNticked. Costed me 66L$ to upload but that is for free on the beta-grid.

Now, the result is almost perfect, the body still has some flaws (elbows and pelvis) but at least it saved me loads of time copying the bone weights!!! I think I can solve that problem by shaping it anatomically more correct. After all, this is only a test. When I have my final Reiko shape and skin, it will be nearly perfect and ready to upload on the grid.

Will keep you updated.


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