Petites Treehouse Beta

We’re in beta now! That means… Beautiful Elf Tree Arrived! But not finished yet.

I’m a bit too lazy now to write all the features again so I will simply copy them from the information notecard that you can get inworld from my shop soon. I said soon. I’m fast but not that fast and can’t do 10 things at the same time; 9 yes, but not 10.. :p

Helloooo! XD

I’m happy you clicked this tree because now you have more info about my new Petites Treehouse beta!

Building this thingy started May 24th 2012. Beta finished May 30th.

The tree itself is a full perm builder kit, parts of the bed is a kit, grass/moss is a kit, the rest is all made custom! The Grand Foulard couches, the platforms, the mug tub plus shower and all other parts are mine. Including the textures. Except for the wood, ivy and furs.

However, I was able to combine it all in one treehouse, for petites ONLY. I constructed it while being petite to test it fully. I admit, the AOs are not really made for petites so you walk too fast and easily run off accidentally so better move carefully.

The treehouse has 3 platforms, 1 as livingroom, 2 as party zone, 3 as bedroom. The 4th one in the top can be used as landing platform. Also the bedroom platform can be sat upon. 😀

Couches, chairs, bed, mug tub have animations, some are home made. Shower can be switched on/off on touch. Couch has a texture changer by owner only while sitting on the couch itself, the cushion also has an animation!

All perms: copy only!

Feel free to walk around and test.

❤ Bo


Piccies from my own plot where it’s rezzed and open for petites (Not gonna tell you where you find the teleporter though, the smart ass should find out easily.)

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