Petite Treehouse (part deux)

Update? Sure, why not. Was able to do lots of building earlier. The rough basic treehouse is there, so far it has 3 large platforms and several smaller ones. Made a teleport system instead of the stairway just because nobody will ever walk up that stairs anyway. :p

Prims used so far: 53 (10 for the tree+foliage and 43 for the platforms, stairs, Gazebo look-a-likes and small stuff.)
And altho it looks HUGE for a petites treehouse, it’s ‘only’ 20m tall! To compare; I once bought a treehouse from Rizla Laval (Great builder btw) which had over 600 prims and was about 50m up in the air! Too bad I lost it thru the years… However, I try to imagine that tree to create this one for petites. And so far, I can easily walk in it, cam around, and have total freedom. Needless to say it will be a HUGE pain in the A55 for normal avatars to enter because some elements are totally shaped for 60-80cm tall avatars like petites! And not the average 1m90-2m30 topmodels… *coughcough*

(It’s hilarious to see how some people shape and stretch particular bodyparts all the way up to the max and think that’s sexy. Sure it’s sexy if ya like a wasp waist with a huge A55 and max breastsize. Oh and don’t forget to botox the lips of course *rolls eyes*… Will keep my eyes open for some creatures that should be sent to the nearest virtual plastic surgeon.)

Of course, the textures will change a bit, still not comfy with those. Even the tree trunk will change, will probably make my own texture for it. The foliage will stay this way.


Click and search for an elf. :p

❤ Bo


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