A-Z Residential Structures

I just released the first 4 new homes and are available in the main store for a promo price of 199L$ each. That will sooner or later be changed into the normal price of 999L$ each.

Aztec, Barcelona, Cheops and Dublin are all made with the same textures but have different shapes in the form of a Roman letter. And more to come!
They all come with 2 toilets installed (plus animation), chimney/fire (can be touched to smoke), housenumber can be set by owner, front door can be opened by owner only, all doors work on touch/collision, all windows can be blinded, sliding doors can be blinded too, glass roof can be opened/closed and all houses fit 1024 sqm parcels.

Items included:

  • A rezzer for the house
  • 2 couches, 2/3 seaters, both with 3 animations
  • chair, 1 animation
  • Rug
  • Barstool, 1 animation
  • Jacuzzi, 2 animations for a couple
  • Futon Bed, 2 animations for a couple
  • And limited to these 4; A Washing Machine KaiKai with animation.

Example for Barcelona, click for bigger size:


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