Petites Treehouse Beta

We’re in beta now! That means… Beautiful Elf Tree Arrived! But not finished yet.

I’m a bit too lazy now to write all the features again so I will simply copy them from the information notecard that you can get inworld from my shop soon. I said soon. I’m fast but not that fast and can’t do 10 things at the same time; 9 yes, but not 10.. :p

Helloooo! XD

I’m happy you clicked this tree because now you have more info about my new Petites Treehouse beta!

Building this thingy started May 24th 2012. Beta finished May 30th.

The tree itself is a full perm builder kit, parts of the bed is a kit, grass/moss is a kit, the rest is all made custom! The Grand Foulard couches, the platforms, the mug tub plus shower and all other parts are mine. Including the textures. Except for the wood, ivy and furs.

However, I was able to combine it all in one treehouse, for petites ONLY. I constructed it while being petite to test it fully. I admit, the AOs are not really made for petites so you walk too fast and easily run off accidentally so better move carefully.

The treehouse has 3 platforms, 1 as livingroom, 2 as party zone, 3 as bedroom. The 4th one in the top can be used as landing platform. Also the bedroom platform can be sat upon. 😀

Couches, chairs, bed, mug tub have animations, some are home made. Shower can be switched on/off on touch. Couch has a texture changer by owner only while sitting on the couch itself, the cushion also has an animation!

All perms: copy only!

Feel free to walk around and test.

❤ Bo


Piccies from my own plot where it’s rezzed and open for petites (Not gonna tell you where you find the teleporter though, the smart ass should find out easily.)

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DJ-ing today in re:noize!

Like every Monday @ 12PM PST aka SL-Time aka Lunch time in the US (21:00hrs for me):

DJ Bo Tox Monday Madness!

2Hrs of stomping madness right from the loony bin. Bringing you ‘MUCH harder frequencies on the grid in a rhythmic live-mix’. *Grin*

So, if you have a second life account and care to find out what club re:noize is all about, join us in-world by copying this SLurl and paste it in main chat, then click on history or the separate chat window and click-a-dee-click it!
Or, if you don’t have all that, go to the club re:noize website and click the player @ the top of the screen and your speakers will produce weird bouncy tunes or blew up at once. I suggest to watch out while listening with headsets, I’m not responsible for any hearing damage.

Be there or be bored!

Btw, you can find my soundcloud here. Always a free live-set available.

Predator vs J-Rock

Weird title? Not if you see the next pic:


(X3mBozzy dressed up as Predator, dancing a J-Rock dance while the speakers almost blew up club re:noize with powernoise from Russian Toy. So, it’s not a weird combo after all. Is it?)

Oh! I also took a snapshot of me and myself. Dressed up as my little (s)elf and Jinx. Combined them in one pic to show the diff in size. ^_^

Bo petite and Bo Jinx

Bo petite vs Bo Jinx.

The treehouse is progressing well, moved everything in place and will soon post an updated pic. Even made a tiny bed, tub in the shape of a big mug and a fur rug.

A thank you to all who are following my blog btw, thanks for your likes! I really appreciate it! *hugs*

Sculpting! \o/

Took me about a year but I finally found enough time and Sculptcrafter skillz to create a worthy platform for my treehouse mentioned earlier. \o/

Much more sculpts to come! 😀

Btw, I resized myself again. (I’m even smaller now… 75cm tall…)


Just started a Flickr account to upload piccies there. I believe I can upload snapshots there directly from within Second Life so it saves me quite a bit of time.


Petite Treehouse (part deux)

Update? Sure, why not. Was able to do lots of building earlier. The rough basic treehouse is there, so far it has 3 large platforms and several smaller ones. Made a teleport system instead of the stairway just because nobody will ever walk up that stairs anyway. :p

Prims used so far: 53 (10 for the tree+foliage and 43 for the platforms, stairs, Gazebo look-a-likes and small stuff.)
And altho it looks HUGE for a petites treehouse, it’s ‘only’ 20m tall! To compare; I once bought a treehouse from Rizla Laval (Great builder btw) which had over 600 prims and was about 50m up in the air! Too bad I lost it thru the years… However, I try to imagine that tree to create this one for petites. And so far, I can easily walk in it, cam around, and have total freedom. Needless to say it will be a HUGE pain in the A55 for normal avatars to enter because some elements are totally shaped for 60-80cm tall avatars like petites! And not the average 1m90-2m30 topmodels… *coughcough*

(It’s hilarious to see how some people shape and stretch particular bodyparts all the way up to the max and think that’s sexy. Sure it’s sexy if ya like a wasp waist with a huge A55 and max breastsize. Oh and don’t forget to botox the lips of course *rolls eyes*… Will keep my eyes open for some creatures that should be sent to the nearest virtual plastic surgeon.)

Of course, the textures will change a bit, still not comfy with those. Even the tree trunk will change, will probably make my own texture for it. The foliage will stay this way.


Click and search for an elf. :p

❤ Bo

Treehouse for petites? Well… petite…

So far it’s 20m high and I’ve only just begun… a preview of my new soon-to-finish-or-not treehouse!

Dunno about the wood textures yet… And this is just me being cute all over:

ps, within 10 minutes I drove the Camaro – in my previous post – off-world and it vanished into thin air. Never got it back so I was happy to have a copy. And I rapidly built a fence around my building platform to prevent further driving off the grid due to beer in mah belly. Of course, I don’t drink and drive in REAL world. :p