Juno preview pics!

I’ve been busy. VERY busy. But my work finally resulted in a worthy body. I present you the pre-final version of Juno:

I look weird? Yes, but only to show you what is possible with this body. I show 2 different skins on different body parts that are all linked together as one. Uploaded as 1 Mesh body: Head, Upperbody, Lowerbody (Hip region), Arm Left, Arm Right, Hand Left, Hand Right, Leg Left, Leg Right, Foot Left, Foot Right.
And that is pretty cool cuz now you can wear a tattoo on your LEFT arm and a different one on your RIGHT. And that was pretty impossible to achieve with the current Mesh.

People, I have too many ideas. Think of all possible ways… If I ever design the final version, and it will be flawless, I could become the next Second Life Billionaire…

Ok, 1 more piccie then. Beware, could contain pink parts…

Yes, same body – now with a normal skin (own design). Start drooling… NOW!

Will keep you updated. 😉


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