Currently working on:

My own genuine Human Mesh avatar “Juno”

I admit, that girl on the pic is not me (It’s Reira) and it has been edited in P-shopped. However,  that is a MESH body! 100% mine, rigged, blended for hours and now in beta state. 100% compatible with existing clothing TEXTURES. The skin above is my own design, thanks to the wonderful templates from ‘Another’ Eloh. So it’s fully compatible with the Mesh body.

Will come with a HUD for easy dressing (and undressing *grin*) separate faces of the body. (Currently 3: head/upper/lower, will be more, think about feet, legs, arms, eyes, nails, etc.) LOADS of possible ways to dress yourself faster than now possible – thanks to an innovative texture system which will allow you to add your own FULL PERM skins/clothing AS WELL! It has 3 full body meshies at the moment, maybe more for the clothing. At least 1 for the custom skins. Might add more mesh layers in a future version and I’ve been testing for a few days now and the HUD changes the textures FAST. And when I say fast, I mean fast. I will soon take some more pics from myself and will probably even do a video.

I dare to say that this Mesh is going to be a very competitive Body Mesh for the LLAB Mesh.

Demo soon available.

To be continued.