New in store (and no, I’m not running behind, I just work fast.)

“The Legacy” (VIDEO)

Probably one of my most detailed buildings ever done: The Legacy. Loads of hi-res texturing on various tortured prims as mega and sculpted (I even made 2 new ones for it – The fences for the carport and the fence for the stairs near the emergency exit outside are definitely mine and I can even prove it if needed.)

Structure comes boxed with the revolving door and 3 diff copyable ceiling lamps. The door is unlinked btw due to phantom reasons. And it should remain phantom too! Or it won’t work and you will bump your nose, starts bleeding and all vampires jump on you after. So, just rezz it somewhere in the middle, move/rotate it and lock it. Rezz lamps if needed and done. Simple as ever. No hassle with rez-faux-foo-poo-poo stuff, just a simple drag and drop construction. Manual is inside the box, LM too and I’m always there to help out if something goes terribly wrong.

Oh, btw, here is the VIDEO for “The BizNiz” as well. 😉

(Both videos have music by Bitch Per Minute)


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