Please stop kicking me offline and jamming my connection. You are by far the WORST provider I’ve ever had and that made me decide to go back to the best provider I’ve had so far. Thank you for your kind but annoying helpdesk answers (“Ah yes, I will test your connection. I see there is no problem, I can see your modem, pinging works fine. Everything should be normal.”‘Indeed, my connection JUST started working again. Funny is that; When I call you – suddenly my connection works again… Like you don’t give a damn about not working internetconnections and only RESET THE FOOKING CONNECTION WHEN PPL START CALLING YOU!!! Mofos.’) and your VERY annoying letters (“Dear user. If you DO NOT CHANGE your settings in your modem or router, your connection will be lost and you will not be able to surf again before you call us to help you.”‘EXCUSE ME???’)

So, goodbye and so long and hopefully you drown in complaints. *Publishes this post before getting kicked off again*


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