It’s been a while since I blogged here. Had something to do with a trip, a broken charger and someone who’s digging up the cable connection and keeps cutting it for no reason. (Could also be my provider who jams my line as soon as I download 1Mb. The f*ckers.)

Anyway, I just received a big feather up my ass. If your eyes starts *rolling* by reading that, it means that I just had a big compliment. And I do get more and more lately (thanks for that people, you’re too kind!) but this one was simply too cute to leave in my inbox:

[18:14] Stevie U***: doesnt matter who you are in rl, we are who we want to be in sl, your designs are great

Now, that is great to hear. And if you don’t believe me, ask a random customer for their opinion. So far I only received positive feedback about my designs with only 1 exception; “Yes, your speakers are awesome! But I would like to have a ‘sit shifter’ to make it look better for male avatars” by ***** Bombastic.
Okay, that was positive too. And even gave me a suggestion to improve my designs. This is exactly how I like it. Positive feedback and if you have something on your mind for me to improve, let me KNOW! If you buy something on marketplace, please rate and review the item! Without your input, I just do my own thing. However, I’m gonna work on that sit-shift-option as soon as I can. Don’t have a script for it yet so might take a while to write it. I know I can easily add a poseball to it but that will increase all speakers with one prim and… I don’t like that.

Stevie; thank you very much for your opinion, expect something in your inventory very soon. 😉

(Now playing: Rabia Sorda – Burning House)

Right… and when I write this, my connection went down again so I better copy my entry to notepad as well…


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