Customer feedback, check this out!

Update: He just sent me a new SLURL, you can find the club HERE now. 😉

OMG… look at this:

Just... wow. :)

Now, if that aint a happy client, I’m Santa-Claus. Thanks đフ  乃ʘɱ乃ム!


New in store (and no, I’m not running behind, I just work fast.)

“The Legacy” (VIDEO)

Probably one of my most detailed buildings ever done: The Legacy. Loads of hi-res texturing on various tortured prims as mega and sculpted (I even made 2 new ones for it – The fences for the carport and the fence for the stairs near the emergency exit outside are definitely mine and I can even prove it if needed.)

Structure comes boxed with the revolving door and 3 diff copyable ceiling lamps. The door is unlinked btw due to phantom reasons. And it should remain phantom too! Or it won’t work and you will bump your nose, starts bleeding and all vampires jump on you after. So, just rezz it somewhere in the middle, move/rotate it and lock it. Rezz lamps if needed and done. Simple as ever. No hassle with rez-faux-foo-poo-poo stuff, just a simple drag and drop construction. Manual is inside the box, LM too and I’m always there to help out if something goes terribly wrong.

Oh, btw, here is the VIDEO for “The BizNiz” as well. 😉

(Both videos have music by Bitch Per Minute)

New in store!


The ultimate 2011/02 speaker! 10 Colorchanger, adjustable stand in 2 versions, copy or transfer! Now available!

Shown: T2 = Transfer version 2 (Headbang Anim).

Also available: Transfer version 1, Copy version 1, Copy version 2
Version 1 has the “Lean back against the speaker” anim. Copy versions are 375L$ each.


Speaker set 2011/02 Femme & Homme

Only available as set, not separately. Transfer only.

Speaker 2011/01

Also available in 5 separate colors: White/Yellow/Red/Green/Blue for 99L$ each – All transfer only


Besides of that, I’ve also made the current design from my main store available to buy.

The Hex:

More pics? Click on the salebox image above and you will be forwarded to the marketplace page where it’s available and you can check out 2 more pics from the inside of my store. Of course, you can only buy this structure without my own stuff in. 😀


Soon available:

The Legacy, another new building in the old factory range, can be used as mall for at least 40x40m parcels.



New designed Mainstore so, lets celebrate with reduced prices!

I have totally rebuilt the Mainstore and to celebrate going from 300 prims to only 22(!), I have put up 2 items with REDUCED prices marked with an EXIT sign over the price, in the main store only: 399 is now 250 and 69 is now 39!

Which items? Hint: “Dirty Laundry” Just for 48hrs so tell your friends!

Happy searching 🙂



Customer feedback! :D

Thank you very much for sending me this pic Mr Bombastic 🙂

Yep, that’s one of my new speakers, available in the mainstore only atm. Click here to go to mcwurth’s place. 😀

Dear (part 2)

Please remember your clients/customers/users to FULLY RESET their modem as well when updating the settings in their routers. There is nothing in your dhcp manual that says that you have to reset the modem. Anyway, it’s too late for you, I ordered a new line, adsl again. I’m so sick of your service that I’m gonna end your contract as soon as I have the new connection.

However, when your line works, it works pretty good. Here’s the speedtest I did a few mins ago, stick that up your digital ass and enjoy sitting on it.


Please stop kicking me offline and jamming my connection. You are by far the WORST provider I’ve ever had and that made me decide to go back to the best provider I’ve had so far. Thank you for your kind but annoying helpdesk answers (“Ah yes, I will test your connection. I see there is no problem, I can see your modem, pinging works fine. Everything should be normal.”‘Indeed, my connection JUST started working again. Funny is that; When I call you – suddenly my connection works again… Like you don’t give a damn about not working internetconnections and only RESET THE FOOKING CONNECTION WHEN PPL START CALLING YOU!!! Mofos.’) and your VERY annoying letters (“Dear user. If you DO NOT CHANGE your settings in your modem or router, your connection will be lost and you will not be able to surf again before you call us to help you.”‘EXCUSE ME???’)

So, goodbye and so long and hopefully you drown in complaints. *Publishes this post before getting kicked off again*