Random rambling

And I finally bought the hair that I was looking for… for about 4 months now I think.

A short story… I saw a model showing it on a skin ad. Can’t even remember which one it was but that hair was looking perfect with the skin. So, I asked the skincreator what the hair was. She replied eventually that she didn’t know because a model and photgrapher took those pics. She did know the photographer so she sent him a message if he knew more. And I waited for about 3 months with no reply. So I gave up searching.

And what happened when I went to Exile last month? Indeed, I suddenly discovered THE HAIRCUT! It was Kalea, colour Hotstreak. I bought a demo and indeed, it was the hair I was looking for. However, I didn’t buy it immediately. It took me a month to decide. However, now that I have it, it looks awesome. I even made a pic for my new banners with it.

Here’s the original piccie, stylecard below.


Hair: Exile, Kalea Hotstreak
Skin:  moJo, aLba Cocoa 01 (NEW)
Eyelashes: Dutch Touch, CleO
Eyes: Wasabi Pills, Wednesday Eyes Blackout
Teethlayer: LS, Teethlayer by lyrical Oh
Nosepiercing: Hermony, Circular Barbell Septum Dark Ring with Dropshadow
Nosebridgepiercing, Dogtag, Earrings, Eyebrowshape and Bodyshape: [Bo.O] Designs
Windlightsetting sky: [Bo.O] 01 (And I only have that) 😀


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