Yes, another day, another new release. I bought (- not that I’m not capable to draw it myself but I was a bit too lazy for that this time -) a template recently on the marketplace from a tanktop that looked very sexy and totally cool. Sooooo, I made my own with those! New in store:

TankTop Nawtee!

Available in this 10 pack or if you really have a favourite colour, buy one of the following:
Black, Cyclame, Green, Natural, Pink, Red, Steelblue, Teal, White, Yellow. All are dirty on colour except the Natural. That is the clean top.

Thank you mariesophie for the template! Awesome work.

Also new in store:

Pants Tokiwa Nishiki! Yes, totally my work. Handmade in Photoshop. 😉

Comes in black only with a broken glass texture on the pants, 3 different layer options (skinny and flare) and a very cute belt drawn on the layers itself so no prim belts and no prim cuffs needed to look sexay! Only 99L$ so what are you waiting for?

Coming up:

Another top, and my piercing/Earring sets ‘Bo’. And yes, soon something for male avas too! 😀



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