Just great…

I thought I could finish adding my items to my collection but noooo, marketplace went down for maintenance just after finishing my outfits/tattoos collection page. Dôh. They must hate me for deeplinking my own *grin* images from my own *grin again* store at their site. Pff, who cares… come on… If you don’t want ppl deeplink their own images, suggest flickr then while signing up as store. Saves them a lot of BW too.

Oh btw; if you are still on that crappy SL 2 viewer, just for the layers, I really recommend using the Phoenix viewer without the multiple layer option. I heard that lots of goodies are coming our way soon with the new version, including the multiple layers version. And I say it again: Phoenix is the most stable viewer that ever ran on my lappy.

*Checks if MPlace is up again*

Yaaaay! \o/

See ya around somewhere!



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