Impossible! Part 001

Yes, things that are impossible in RL (Real Life) but still possible in Second Life.

Like this:

Impossible part 001



Stylish 001

Ok, I’m gonna kick off seriously now. Because people are interested apparently in what people like me have in their inventory on Second Life.

So, lets give them a very original title and start! Style card below with stores and items.

Bo in style. Part 001.

Style card:

Skin and neck shadow: moJo aLba cocoa 23
Hair: Dura-Boy 05 Light Blonde
Make-up Layer: Kyoot Feline Oceania
Belt: Blitzed Plugged Belt
Eyes: The Body Politik Beautiful Blue Eyes
Nose piercing: Hermony Circular Barbell Septum Ring with dropshadow
REST: [Bo.O] Designs;
Boots Osaka 2069 (new), Pants Tokiwa Nishiki, Tanktop Nawtee Teal, Nipcovers Feltpen Marker, Bellybutton piercing/earring set Bo, Right ear/Eyebrow piercing (no name yet), Shape/Eyebrowshape (Myself), Pose Modelpose 22 (new).

New: [Bo.O] Boots Osaka 2069 DEMO!

Second Life Marketplace – [Bo.O] Boots Osaka 2069 [DEMO Boxed].

Wanna try them first? NOW POSSIBLE! Get eeeeettttt! 😀


New in store:

My (Cyber)Boots *Osaka 2069*!

See for a full description, the marketplace page! (Click the image to go there now!)


In the spotlights: Ronin!

I just had to upload this pic. The people who dont’ know me personally, don’t know everything yet. 😀

I present you – the guy behind a lot of music which sometimes can be downloaded for free if you know where to start!
Just because it’s Valentine’s day today and the new Sonitus Niger album will be released tomorrow (15th). \o/ You definitely want to check that out here on Moonslave Radio.  Oh and… BUY IT mofos, cuz he’s been doing music for about 20 years now and never earned a dollar with it. Time to change that. And, time for a new category me thinks. Music!

Ah yes, piccie!

Ronin aka Sonitus Niger

NEW*NEW*NEW (again)

Getting tired of my updates yet? I’m not. 😀 Here is another finished job that I started about a month ago and they’re finally available in the store and on the Marketplace! But, that’s not the only thing new in the store. More about that below!

Bellybutton Piercing + Earrings ‘Bo’ Black Steel with coloured stones


These sets come in 10 different coloured stones on black steel. Other colours are:
White, Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, Mint, Green, Blue, Aqua and Yellow shown above. No big pack this time.


As special dollarbie giftset, I made a Silver/Red version as well, price: 1L$!!!
Piccie below and clickyclick to go there pronto!


So, more news;

I also rezzed 2 new vendors for the animations I made thru the year. Both of them are filled with 17 anims. One vendor sells copy only, the other sells FULL PERMS. So, if you wanna know what I did in the past year with my brilliant QAvimator skillz, check them out. Now there IS something you should know about my FULL PERMS items:

You automatically agree to my terms and licence to use them for your own builds. You can not sell them as is, not full perm, not as pack or within a pack WITHOUT changing the permissions inside your creations. I will file a report to Lindenlab to anyone who does not accept my terms and licence.
It’s simple though; We create content for you to create content to sell. Same goes for my texturepacks. You are not even allowed to download and upload them again. not on SL, not in another virtual world.

Now, if you understood that all, hurray! *claps hands*

More news?

Yes! OMG… 2 new modelposes are in the vendor for the modelposes. And, I will probably animate some more soon. It’s all part of my to-do list which grows each day more and more…


  • Making boots for both genders
  • Another shirt for the girls
  • More MEN stuff (on request)
  • Finishing my Kusanagi Jacket
  • Finishing my Ana outfit (and that is a really original and sexay one, be prepared.)
  • Put my dogtags for sale for both genders
  • Make necklaces for both genders
  • Bracelets for both genders
  • … this damn list never ends… lol

You’re gonna hate me soon for updating so many times… :p



New in store and on Marketplace, finally finished:

The Washingmachine!

Features a new vibrating sit animation and an animated window texture that only works when you jump on it!